My article published in Uncorked – Blessings in a bottle, kosher wine comes of age

This past week my article on the world of kosher wine was published on Uncorked – a magazine written and edited by a vintner on the world of wine. I met Steve Yafa, when tasting wines at Covenant (a posting of all of those wines is coming soon). Steve makes his own wine (though not kosher) and has been writing about the world of wine, and many other subjects for many years, with his work showing up in the San Francisco Chronicle, and other such locals.

It was this chance encounter with Steve, at Covenant, that spurred the opportunity for me to write about kosher wine for his newest venture – uncorked, engaging and accessible coverage of the world of wine from an editor who’s actually a vintner himself. Uncorked brings you wine news, discerning reviews, taste tests, and unexpected but delicious food pairings. You’ll also get plenty of luscious photos and behind-the-scenes stories from vineyards and winemakers around the world.

My article can be found in the latest edition of Uncorked – titled: Blessings in a bottle, kosher wine comes of age. I hope you all enjoy it and my many thanks to Steve and his wonderful crew for working with me to make the final article a true joy to read and view!


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