About Kosher Wine Musings

My name is David Raccah and this space is a blog about our musings and tasting notes on the world of kosher wine and food. We have been drinking wine for some 18 years now and have been privileged to taste some of the best kosher wines from around the world. We thought it was time to start sharing our food and wine experiences with others. We hope that you will find some of these notes and musings useful and maybe even entertaining. Also you can follow up on twitter @kosherwinemuse and you can signup for updates to be sent to you by clicking the link to the right on the homepage “Follow Blog Via Email”.

  1. David, I can’t find your email address and I wanted to ask you a question, could you drop me a line? –Alice

  2. Curt F. Stetson

    Excellent Blog Would love to receive your comments as I only drink Kosher wine since I became Balat Shuva and I was and am a bit of a conoisseur. Thanks.

  3. aw nice to catch your blog and put a blog to the face after meeting you at Sommelier 2011 in Tel Aviv

    you missed a more relevant event for you Jerusalem just held a Kosher Wine Festival with about 30 only kosher wineries….

    don’t feel bad they didn’t promote it much at all in English but it was a nice two day event in a nice venue and I think they’ll repeat it next year so look for it next year about this time

    • Indeed I heard about the kosher wine event and posted about it on the forum, but did not blog about it.

      I came in for Sommelier, as it was truly unique. Great seeing then.


  4. have you been in touch with Aron Ritter and his Kosher Wine Society in NYC?

    I’m the Israeli chair

    you two could make a good team on that side of the pond

  5. Joseph Berkowitz

    Hello hello tanks for all

    Did u have chance to taste the 2008 B.R. Cohn Cabernet Sauvignon Kosher


  6. Hi…im elena zimbalista from moshav avigdor. I read your blog about midbar winery and i also produce white wines unocked in the north border of the negev! You know them? We do moscato alexandroni ,chardonnay and sauvignon with a total of 12000 bottles. The wines are kosher. If you wish to come to us .also..with big pleasure! Ciao
    052 4208852

    • Hello Elena,

      Thanks for posting! I will make it my job to get out there the next time I am in Israel

      Thanks again so much!

  7. waiting for your next visite!

  8. Dear David,
    We enjoy reading your Kosher wine blog. We have been making wine since 2004. Our wine is completely natural,made from grapes grown in Shiloh, un-oaked with no added ingredients, sulfites, yeasts etc. Last year we produced 800 bottles and this year we hope to have 2,400 bottles. The wine is certified Kosher Mehadrin by the Rabbanut of the Regional Council of Mate Binyamin. We are located 50 meters from the archeological site of Ancient Shiloh. We would like to invite you to come visit us next time you are in Israel.
    Joe and Daphne Bazer
    Talia Wines

    • Sounds like fun – thanks for the invite, I will be sure to email you when I am there next time.

    • Enjoyed your wine on Har Bracha, and took a little home to the states. My husband got a buck last night and I used a 1/4 cup to make a venison stew that would make Esau proud!

  9. who certifies the wine to be kosher ?? who”s hasgacha?

    • This is a blog about wines that I taste, the hashgacha is different per wine. Some have an OK some have an OU, it depends on the wine and the winery.

  10. Hi David. Was wondering if Poppy Fields Pinot Grigio is kosher, supposedly it’s made in Napa. Please let me know. Thanks!

    • Yes it is a kosher wine, and it is not bad at all, but for the price there are far better options. There is the Dalton Pinot Grigio and the Goose Bay PG as well.

      • Thank you! Is it kosher for Passover?? I got a coupon from a website for $100 off wine and this is the only kosher wine they have. I am considering it for Passover. Do you know who certifies it? With thanks!

      • You did not post the wine you were talking about? My guess is the Poppy Fields Pinot Gris on NakedWines.com? It is made by Ernie Weir – from Hagafen Cellars, and yes the wine is kosher and mevushal. I have not tasted it, so I have no idea what it tastes like – sorry. That said, Ernie makes great white wines….

  11. Thought of u today having pickedup teRren ’14. Still wonder y left the forum so cold turkey. Chag kasher vsameach

  12. Hi david
    I am trying to buy wine from hadju but they are impossible to get I touch with.
    Do you have a phone number or email to reach him?
    Thank you

  13. Hi. Y don’t u join us anymore @ the ol’ rogov forum?

  14. Ragen Shapiro

    What hechsher does poppy fields wine have?

  15. Hello. I had a time-sensitive question for you regarding permission to use photos from your blog. Can you please get in touch with me via e-mail? Thanks in advance.

  16. You can use the pictures

  17. David, I just read your post about Covenant Winery Israel. How and Where can I wines from Covenant Winery? Is there any place that ships to Oklahoma?



  18. David, I just read your post about Covenant Winery Israel. How and Where can I purcahse wines from Covenant Winery? Is there any place that ships to Oklahoma?



  19. Shalom and Shavuah Tov, David.
    I am curious if you know of any sulfite free kosher wines? I know of two people who are oinophiles, but unable to imbibe because of sulfite allergies.
    Jan F (Chicago and Tucson)

  20. 2007 Mirvis Creek Cabernet Sauvignon, Cuvée Yitz, Rowe – is it kosher? I don’t see any symbol on it other than KE?

    • Well the wine is made by Yitz Applebaum and the KE stands for Kosher Enough. I drank it, but you need to make your own decision.


    Re Mirvis Creek. Here is a letter from Joseph Herzog saying that the wine is under the same hashgacha as the rest of Herzog wines. http://mirviscreek.com/images/KE-Letter.pdf

  22. Hi. Any chance you can visit our weeksend thread one of these days with a post. Been years since u dropped by the ol rogov neighberhood

  23. Dear David , Thanks for your blog. I have a query for you . Is there any way to contact you .Regards from sunny Spain.

  24. David, very goog blog, did you tested Argentinian Malbec wines, like Terrenal Malbec, Wild Goat Reserve or Guillermo de Mendoza?
    Thanks a lot

    • The Terrenal malbec is on this blog many times. Not a fan of the current vintage. Not a fan of wild goat. Never yet tasted Guillermo de Mendoza

  25. Howard Abarbanel

    David — Thanks for your kind review of Abarbanel Batch 66 Riesling ’12. Our new 2015 vintage will be out on the market G-d willing in the next week or two although many stores will still have the ’12 in stock. In your overview of kosher Rieslings, just a little historical footnote — Abarbanel was first with kosher dry Riesling from Alsace back in 1999 and we’ve been producing it ever since. We’re not a recent arrival and as a consequence dry/semi-dry kosher Riesling has been around for a while. The new ’15 vintage is Non-Mevushal (which is a change for us) and has our new “Lemminade” packaging. Thanks!

  26. Hi David, I am a wine novice so I appreciate your blog with its recommendations. What do you think about the 2010 Terra Di Seta Special Reserve Chianti Classico at a $30 price point?

  27. Hi David – Can you recommend a versatile wine glass that would be suitable to use for both red and white wines?

  28. Hi, we are driving from barcelona through parts of france and back to Barcelona. We are looking at Bordeaux, vichy ,San Sebastian, Limoge and Lyon . do you you have any recommendations for kosher wineries to visit?? any recommendations are appreciated.

    • Sadly, there are no kosher wineries in France, they all make kosher runs of the kosher wines. The only kosher wineries in Europe are Elvi Winery (Clos Mesorah), and two in Tuscany. There may also be an option with Vignobles David, he is in the Rhone area.

  29. Albert Benalloun

    Good morning
    I’m a big wine aficionados, i enjoyed reading your blog can you add me to your email list . Thank you


  30. Hi David,

    In need of your expert advice…

    I have been working with some great winemakers from the best wineries in Napa and Sonoma, but they have never had an Israeli wine. If you had to choose one or two bottles to give them as a gift that are uniquely israeli but suit a california pallete, what would you recommend?


    • As always – Tzora wines or Netofa wines are the best options from Israel, and maybe some Gvaot wines as well. They show Israel to their best and would map well to the palates of California Connoisseurs.

  31. A young rabbi in our community came across your blog and asked me if I’ve ever heard of you…. LOL

  32. Rebeca M. Pinhas

    Yes, I’d also like to ask a wine question. How can I contact you?

  33. Hi David,
    We are looking for a rabbi/ masgiach to make kosher wine here in Blaye Bordeaux.
    Can you help?

    • Hello,

      I am not the person to talk with. I write about kosher wine. However, I know many people who may be able to help you. Please send me your email and name by entering your name and contact info in the Contact Form on the right side of my blog, lower down. Be well!

  34. Thanks for the high scores of gehringwein/germany.

    You are always welcome to visit us.
    In the town of Nierstein there where many jewish familiys in winebuisness befor the war.
    The biggest named Sichel in Mainz.
    So i hope wine will bring us all togehter again.
    My friend jehuda past away but life is going on and we are a big (wine) -family.
    Thank you and stay healthy ,

  35. Please add me to your email list.

  36. High,
    we make a kosher riesling from the steps at rhine river loceted in Nierstein / Germany.
    Nice to be part of your community.

  37. Hi David
    I have a bottle of 2013 Château Remo Grand Blend.
    Should I drink now or wait?


  38. B”H


    Our son Rabbi Adam Eisenberg (you know him from East Boca; he was with the JEC) is going to his in-laws in Israel over Pesach and wants a recommendation for a winery visit. Can you make a few suggestions? His email is adammoshe.eisenberg@gmail.com


    Eli Eisenberg
    USA Cell/WhatsApp +1 (818) 427-9391;  Israeli Cell 055-500-9903 (011-972-55-500-9903)
    Schedule a meeting with me at https://calendly.com/Eli_Eisenberg

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