2009 Baron Herzog White Zinfandel

For full disclosure I love what Herzog Winery and Royal have done for kosher wine. Still, come in now Herzog! I know you produce an obscene number of White Zinfandel bottles, and that it is created for the absolute lowest common denominator, in terms of your target market. Still, can you PLEASE FREAKING update your wine note on the back label!! Are you kidding me! Cotton candy. First of all that was a wine note that was perpetrated MANY YEARS ago by someone, if the lore is true, that does not work at the winery any longer, or just started (at that time), or may have returned, whichever version is correct :lol:

Further, it IS NOT EVEN TRUE!!!! Sorry, yeah I drank some of this wine, get over it guys. For those who have been spared from reading the back label, or could not give a darn, it reads as such. Disclaimer, I bought the bottle, please do NOT send lawyers my way for replicating the incorrect and useless data from the back!

Aromas of strawberry and cotton candy make this wine remarkably versatile.

I will stop there, there is other text that talks about its crispness, which to be fair is somewhat true, though with all that perceived or maybe actual residual sugar, it is hard to see through the sweetness to the feel crispness. I could see how folks could think the wine has strawberry but in my opinion that is not strawberry but rather grapefruit and high sugar, but heck, that is my 2 cents!!

Now, originally, I placed this post on Daniel Rogov’s forum. I stated that I would replicate the posting on this blog tonight, God willing, and may the Wrath of Kahn keep far away from me!! Seriously, I know I am dating myself and what was Ricardo Montalban thinking! That movie does NOT age well!!!

2009 Herzog White Zinfandel – Score: B-
The nose on this light pink colored wine is its only true redeeming feature, with nice citrus, ripe and crisp grapefruit, lychee, over the top orange sugar drops, and slight floral characteristics. The mouth on this semi-sweet and light bodied wine has grapefruit, sugar drop, and lychee on the mouth. The mid palate has enough acidity to balance, along with more grapefruit and sugar drops. The finish is short with citrus, sugar drops, nice acidity, and lychee. Yeah, it works and that is what matters. Still, sorry, no cotton candy to be found. Maybe there was cotton candy or strawberry in previous vintages, but not on this one.

P.S. Yeah I have donned a firefighter’s suit in advance for God only knows what is in store for me, from all sides!! :lol:

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