A few mevushal wines, a wedding, a sheva brachot, and a down shabbos

Wow what a few weeks.  First we attended a lovely wedding our dear friends of ours.  The wedding was stunning as was the couple and family.  The next week we had a sheva brachot in their honor at our synagogue.  It was a kick cooking for it.  I must say that such things do not occur without crazy amounts of preparation and team work.  Thank goodness I had four families helping me cook for the 40 plus people who attended the Friday evening affair.  The meal was the classical couscous meal we have made tons of time in our home.  It was not only a lovely presentation, with great flavor and texture, but it is also a very economical meal for so many people.  The meal and Sheva Brachot went great (if I say so myself), and this week was nothing less than a complete and total shutdown.  The bug got me (no swine need apply), so it was left over grape juice and a touch of left over wine.

I was lucky to have tasted a few wines these past few weeks and they were all of the mevushal variety.  In the past I have highlighted Mevushal wines that exceeded my expectations, but most are just not so great.  That said, this batch was not so bad, but I could not write down notes, being at a wedding and shabbos and all.  So, you will all have to live with my overall thoughts and overall score, but unfortunately without the usual info I pass along.

Best wishes to all and a germ/bug free winter for everyone 🙂

The wine “notes” follow below:

2007 Baron Herzog Sauvignon Blanc – Score: B
This is a wine that I would avoid unless otherwise required.  It is far too astringent, though it does have a nice bit of peach, green apple, and such.  An OK wine, but the deficiencies are too much.

2005 Teal Lake Shiraz/Cabernet (65% Shiraz, 35% Cabernet) – Score: B – B+
This is a nice ruby colored wine that is oaky, rich plum, pepper, and lovely raspberry flavors.  The wine could use some air and time.  Nice with no obvious deficiencies.

2004 Hagafen Merlot – Score: A-
This wine is popping with oak, pepper, chocolate, tobacco, and raspberry.  This is a really nice wine that needs about a four hours of air.  After that, the wine becomes crazy good, rich and full in the mouth with chocolate and tobacco, rich oak, and soft tannins.

2004 Weinstock Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon – Score A-
What a nice wine as well.  Deep flavors of blackberry, cassis, pepper, oak, and tobacco.  The wine needs air as well, and smooths out into an almost silky smooth presentation that most will find quite enjoyable.

2007 Barkan Cabernet Sauvignon – Score: B
This was an OK wine that could find itself but not one that I have huge hopes for.  The wine is black in nature, but so heavily fined down that I cannot see how it can move up.  The wine is simple and accessible and works for certain affairs.

2005 Teal Lake Shiraz – Score: B+
This wine is fun and plays with you.  It starts a bit tart and closed with pepper, raspberry, plum, and oak.  The wine opens with time and becomes silky smooth while playful with its lightly biting tannins and acidity.  The pepper and fruit come through as well.  Not a bad Mevushal wine.

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