Sushi and Four Gates Chardonnay

This past Friday night saw us enjoying a lovely meal of Ahi Tuna sushi rolls.  Normally, I reach for Sauvignon Blanc when enjoying sushi, but this time, we had some 2000 Four Gates Chardonnay in the fridge, so we enjoyed that all the same.  The Ahi tuna was really quite nice, and I finally learned that refrigerating the sushi rice, pretty much kills it.  By accident this time we left the rice out of the fridge, but cool still, over night.  The sushi rice was far more malleable (then when we refrigerate it over night), and the rolls came out much better the next day, and we are here still to tell you about it.  I guess what I need to do, is find a way to keep it cool overnight, but not too cool.

Anyway, the Ahi Tuna (which was of course refrigerated), was wonderful.  It was rich and flavorful, which is always the case since we started buying it at Whole Foods.

The wine notes follow below:

2000 Four Gates Chardonnay – Score: A-
This bottle can be hit or miss, and this one was quite nice.  Very much like the old days with this wine.  Tons of fruit on the nose – peach, apricots, and some custard. The body is full and oaky – but not velvety, which is fine with me.  The acid and fruit balance very well into a long and satisfying finish.

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