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Odem Mountain Winery Chardonnay Volcanic and pepper/lemon roasted chicken

This past weekend saw us trying this wonderful Chardonnay and roasted chicken.  My wife whipped up her usual lemon and red pepper roasted chicken.  I made sure there was tons of tart and yummy lemons, thinly sliced, placed all over the chicken.  The thinner you slice the lemons, the more juice is extracted as it roasts and the brighter and tarter they become.  We also had some plain old rice with vegetables that went along quite nicely with the chicken’s lemon infused Jus.

To pair with the lemon I chose a lovely new Chardonnay that has only recently become kosher – the 2007 Odem Mountain Winery Volcanic Chardonnay.  The wine has a lovely almost full bodied mouth feel from the obvious residual sugar and rich oak.

The wine notes follow below:

2007 Odem Mountain Winery Volcanic Chardonnay – Score: A-
The nose on this vibrant light gold colored wine starts off hot, which makes sense given its 14.9% alcohol, but blows off after time, along with butterscotch, lemon citrus, rich oak, butter, ripe melon, peach, and a good amount of straw. The mouth on this medium to full bodied wine is livened up a bit by its residual sugar, along with its alcohol content, and rich oak, to make for a mouth coating wine. The mouth starts off with ripe peach, pineapple, honeydew melon, and citrus. The mouth flows into a mid palate of butter, oak, and nice bright acidity. To start the acidity hits you hard, but it mellows out as the fruit, oak, and butter open up. The finish is long and glycerol, with more oak, butter, acidity, and spicy cloves that make for a quite impressive package. This is a wine that stands up to roasted chicken and cholent alike, a very impressive job indeed.

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