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Another round of kosher Israeli Wines from the past week

This past week I once again stayed over with friends and family and I had a much better assortment of wines to enjoy, including some real blockbusters and a TRUE and REAL shocker, a wine that is said to be fantastic, but one that did not hold up well at all! Once again, thanks to all for allowing me to hang with you and letting me bring my wines over, the wines follow below:

2007 Bustan Syrah – Score: B+ (at best)
This was a true and scary shocker! This is a wine that all my friends and Daniel Rogov have said is the man! Well we tried it and it was far from it. The wine opened nicely, but was bland and then went into the tank! Rumor has it that days later it was a bit better, but still far from what folks have said about this wine, so if you have these, look to start drinking them up SOON and do not look for a real winner here!
The nose is rich with lovely blueberry, along with a dead animal doing a backstroke in my glass, along with huge black and blue notes, nice black pepper, licorice, and a hit of lemongrass and citrus. The medium bodied wine is nice with soft tannin, blackberry, black plum, and cherry, with a hint of raspberry, nice earth and green notes, with cedar and tannin. The finish is cliff-like with little to no finish with leather, tobacco, nice cinnamon, spice, and insane eucalyptus, menthol and smoke. The wine died with 30 minutes and had absolutely ZERO body, basically liquid fruit juice. – drink up!

2007 Yarden Blanc de Blanc – Score: A- to A
The Yarden Blanc de Blancs is made entirely from Chardonnay grapes grown in the northern Golan Heights, Israel’s coolest viticultural area. The wine is made strictly according to the traditional method (méthode champenoise) including hand harvesting, pressing of whole clusters to increase acidity and fruit flavors, and secondary fermentation in the bottle. Disgorging took place after five years of bottle aging on the tirage yeast.
Are u kidding me! A filthy wine with a nose of intense fruit, lemon curd, peach and apple cobbler, brioche, and nice toast that gives way to ripe green and yellow apple, and crazy insane ripe lemon curd. The medium mouth is wow in a single word. Thanks to Gabriel Geller for selling me the bottle, and sharing it all around. The mouth is insanely ripe and intense and ripe with ripe baked anjou pear, freakish assault vehicle of acidity and small mousse bubbles, with lovely yeast and brace for it – mouth coating tannin!! The finish is long and tart with insane grapefruit, bitter and rich grapefruit pith, and lemon zest. Bravo!!! Read the rest of this entry

Wines that we had at the end of Passover…

So Passover came and went.  Before it did, we had a few more wines, so I thought I would muse them up.  Overall the wines on Passover did not totally blow me away.  There were a few nice ones – a couple of Four Gates and a Meshcha, but no blow me away wine.  This is something we need to work on 🙂

So we had a few folks over at the end and these are the wines we popped (the french wine was a gift)

Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon, Special Reserve 2003: B+
We opened this one and it was the winner of the night.  A thick and heady wine.  It has strong dark fruit characteristics – but not very complex.  It really is just a fruity and over oaked Cabernet.  We had hope that it would carry the night.  It was still better than its older sibling – which was a dud.

Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon, Special Reserve 2002: B-
We opened this one and it was the loser of the night.  A thick and boring wine.  It has nice charred wood notes.  A bit of fruit and that was it.  No real life or complexity.  It did get a bit better as the night progressed – but it was dead.

Chateau Labegorce Lede Margaux 2001: A-
When we opened this wine at night, it was the loser for sure.  Thin, no life, and almost scary.  Well what a resurrection it made the next day!  It had opened.  The wine was still a bit mature looking, but the mouth had opened and the nose was alive.  It screamed of red fruits; cherry, raspberry, red plums.  The mouth was nice and long.  Lean and balanced, yet enough bite left.  A real nice wine and the actual winner of the day.

Ruth Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2002: A-
Same can be said for this wine.  At night it was dead – we all thought that I had kept it too long.  The next morning we had a real wine.  The nose screamed black currents and red plums.  The mouth was alive with mellow tannins and sweet wood.  The finish was long and laden with tobacco, mint, and nice wood characteristics.

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