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Kosher wine blends tasting from around the world

Two weeks ago we enjoyed a lovely meal with friends and family and it was centered around meat lasagna and kosher wine blends from around the world. We had some vegetarians over, so I made lasagna with soy instead of meat, and in the end both pans of food disappeared, so I think it came out OK.

The lasagna dishes used the same recipe as I have here, but one used trader joe’s soy meat and the other used plain old beef chuck ground up.

I am cutting it short today – so this is the wine list and thanks to everyone for coming by and making the meal that it was:

2010 Don Ernesto Clarinet – Score: B+
2010 Don Ernesto ClarinetThe nose opens with lovely blueberry, the blend is undocumented but is quite nice for Hagafen’s entry-level wine, along with raspberry, ripe black and blue fruit, along with butterscotch. The mouth has nice toast, chocolate, mouth coating tannin, along with espresso coffee, and black cherry. The finish is long and spicy, with graphite, toast, boysenberry, and more cinnamon.

2009 Karmei Yosef Winery Bravdo Coupage – Score: B+ to A-
2009 Bravdo CoupgaeThe wine is one of my favorites and a wine that needs time to open, but I also think this wine is in a bit of a funk and needs more time to find itself, such is the way of wine – time to time. For now the score is lower than in previous tastings as it was in a funky mood.

The nose on this deep black colored wine is rich with mineral, herbaceous, black cherry, raspberry, and rich plum. The mouth on this full bodied wine is lovely but closed for now, with blackberry, heavy not integrated tannins that coat the mouth, and cedar. The finish is super long and rich with ripe fruit, heavy tannin, lovely vanilla, tobacco, and rich chocolate. Give this wine 6 months and it should start showing its real self.

2006 Elvi Wines Priorat EL26 – Score: A-
2006 Elvi Wines EL26I know this wine continues to have its polarizing following, with passionate lovers and haters, given its unique and clearly earthy qualities, I love it. The earth and mineral almost accentuate every flavor in the mouth and add so much complexity to it – that I think the mouth will explode.

This wine is a lovely blend of 35% Grenache, 35% Syrah, and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon. It starts with an aromatic nose of anise, ripe blackberry, black pepper, raspberry, and plum. The mouth is full and concentrated with mouth coating tannin, nice dirt, graphite, black cherry, ripe fruit, with spicy wood all coming together into a nice mouth. Finish is long with spice, mineral, herb, eucalyptus, tobacco, and chocolate. This is a massive and extracted wine with ripe fruit and one that balances well with the oak and spice. Read the rest of this entry

Where have I been :-) !!!

Well it has been a bit of time since I last posted.  Passover and a few things that I had to get done around the house kept me away.  Now that I have a few more minutes to breathe – I will get to posting again.

Did you all see the headings on many of the online kosher marts – they were touting the number of days till Passover and shipping guaranties.  Kind of sounds alot like the holiday monikers you see out in December.  Anyway, the numbers looked brisk all around.  No matter who I was buying from – they all seemed busy this year.  Which is a nice thing to see.  As always, please remember to support your local wine shop, and when they do not have the specialty items you wish – look at the large online shops to backfill.

I have been away from the keyboard but not from the bottles 😉

Here are my tasting notes from the past few bottles and have a wonderful rest of Passover:

Well the Passover was quite nice. I did not go overboard on the wines. First night we ate out and the menu was a nice vegetable bisque. Followed by fish rolls (matzo soaked and then rolled around some lovely salmon) with asparagus and roasted mushrooms as side dishes.

The wines I had for the 4 cups was the 2006 Bartenura Valpolicella.  A very nice soft and lightly tannic wine. Perfect for the cups. It turns out that the wine also goes quite nicely with soft cheeses (hard cheeses ran all over it). For the dinner we paired the food with a Four Gates Chardonnay 2000.  The Chardonnay is still kicking down doors. This is a very fruit forward and heady wine. Tons of fruit on the nose – peach, apricots, and some custard. The body is full and oaky – but not velvety, which is fine with me. The acid and fruit balance very well into a satisfying finish.

The second meal was at home and we had the Valpolicella for the four cups. For dinner we had gifilte fish baked in a tomato and balsamic vinegar mixture, and covered with lemon slices. For the main course we had my favorite – brisket. The brisket is marinated in wine for a day and then baked slow and low for many ours. Then let stand over night. Next morning it is sliced and then rebraised in the wine, cranberry sauce, and brown sugar for a few more hours. Paired with was two wines:

2002 Tabor Meshcha: A-
I really liked this bottle, but it was not a hit on the table filled with French people. The nose is filled with coffee, chocolate, and cassis. The mouth on the full bodied wine is very fruit forward and the tannins have nicely integrated with the fruit and oak and the outcome is a wine that goes great with the meat and the next morning we had it with some Asiago and other hard cheeses and it was a great match.

2001 Château Malmaison Baronne Nadine : B+
I really like this one and the rest of the table agreed. This one is a little lighter than I would have liked but still complex enough to keep your attention. It goes well with the brisket, but could not really keep up with the hard cheeses.

On Erev Pesach (Shabbos) we opened a:
2002 Baron Herzog Cabernet/Zinfandel/Syrah Special Reserve: A-
It was quite a nice wine. This melange is constantly changing in your glass, which is really nice. It starts with a heady Zinfandel nose and slowly migrates to the Cabernet nose. The mouth on the full bodied wine shows nice tar and pepper notes from the Syrah, while balancing it with tobacco notes from the Cab and great fruit from who knows where 🙂 .  This is a real hit for Baron Herzog and I am kind of sad that this was my last bottle. That said, it is at the peak so more would be a mistake. I am hoping the 2005 vintage can keep up.

Happy Passover everyone!!!

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