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Jose Penin and Yair Gat hold historic Spanish and Israeli wine tasting in Israel

In a historical tasting, Jose Penin, for the first time ever, in an official capacity, came to Israel and tasted through some 32 or so wines, and then tasted them against his own country’s wines as well. Jose Penin, is no stranger to the wine world, he is the Robert Parker of Spain, and has been doing this for some 35 years, and is world-renowned for his tireless drive and professionalism in the world of wine. In 1990 he released his first book on the wines of Spain, and has continued this every year since, adding to it and augmenting the wineries he visits as more come online.

Yair Gat is not as well known as the late Daniel Rogov was in the English-speaking blogs and public, because Mr. Gat writes in Hebrew and pretty much stays to himself. Still, Yair Gat is a highly accomplished wine writer that writes a wine article for Israel Hayom, a daily newspaper in Israel.

The tastings accorded over three days, with Penin, included some winery visits and the chance to taste some 32 wines, were all put together by Hacarem/Vineyard. Hacarem, is one of the largest and most influential Israeli wine & liquor importers, which imports many Spanish wines into Israel including one of my favorites; Elvi Wines. Read the rest of this entry

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