2019 Bokobsa Sieva Wine tasting just outside of Paris

So, let’s start from the beginning. As I posted here, about the coming wine events of 2019, there were many options for you to get out and taste great wines almost across the globe. Well, recently, as you know well I have been focusing more on Europe, so I was in Paris later last year again to taste the new 2016 Bordeaux, and now I wanted to return to Bokobsa’s tasting, which is not officially part of the KFWE franchise. Avi Davidowitz, of kosher wine unfiltered, did every KFWE this year, Tel Aviv on the 4th of February, London on the 6th of February, and then on to NYC and L.A. I decided that I did not need to go to Sommelier this year and instead just focused on Bokobsa’s tasting which was on the same day as the KFWE Tel Aviv in Israel.

As I return home, Paris and London KFWE, NYC KFWE, and L.A.’s KFWE are in the rearview mirror. I will be posting on them separately, so I start with Bokobsa Paris.

To start the Bokobsa Tasting, from the company known in France as Sieva, happened in Paris (well not exactly Paris, more on the very outskirts of Paris to be exact) on Monday, Feb 4th, on the stunning grounds of the Pavillon des Princes in the 16th district. I arrived early and after taking a bunch of pictures I just relaxed and waited for the event to start. One of the issues from the tasting in past years was the wine glasses, but this year, Bokobsa had lovely glasses to truly appreciate the wines.

The ambiance and space were both far improved from the previous location, which was the basement of the Intercontinental Hotel in Paris. The table layout was far improved, it was truly a lovely event. The food was a bit mediocre, with it being essentially cold food, like Sushi and elegant salads on crackers, though they had warm chicken further along into the event.

The wines and the setting were the clear stars of the event, and with the lovely glasses, the wines did shine. My main issue with that some of the wines were the old and not showing well, which degrades the very purpose of a show/tasting like this. For example, they poured a 2013 Covenant Sauvignon Blanc and a myriad of older roses that were far over the hill and not showing well. Though at the same time, they poured some lovely Covenant Cabernet Sauvignon and Lavan, along with many of the top Royal Wines from France and Spain, and the new Champagne from Rothschild. There were a few older vintages of the French Royal wines that I do not remember now that were out of place, but they were still showing well.

Bokobsa also had two new 2017 Pascal Bouchard Chablis, the 2017 Pascal Bouchard Chablis, Le Classique, and the new epic 2017 Pascal Bouchard Chablis, Premier Cru, Blancs Sarments. The normal Bouchard is a nice one this year, but the Premier Cru is incredible! OMG! The wine is so closed, so crazy closed. After a time it was painful, truly painful to taste, the acid was so absurd and incredible and so well balanced with mineral and citrus, that I wanted to take the bottles home with me!

The Champagne Rothschild Rose was ok, not a crazy winner. So far, other than Yarden Winery, I have found no rose Champagne or Sparkling wine that I would buy. The Normal Champagne Rothschild was nice and yeasty, this was the non-mevushal version and it showed nicely. The Champagne Vranken Charles Lafitte and Champagne Demoiselle Vranken were both showing nicely, though a bit sweeter than before

Ilana Ben Zake, the export manager of Domaine du Castel was so nice to bring a brand new 2017 Domaine du Castel Petit Castel, and it was lovely. Less ripe and more refined than previous vintages. The other new wine was the 2017 Château La Tour Blanche Sauternes, Grand Cru Classe. The wine is not as good as the 2014 Château La Tour Blanche Sauternes, Grand Cru Classe, which may well be the best Kosher Sauternes that is even remotely available. Still, the 2017 vintage is quite nice.

Overall, the event was lovely, and while there were some over the hill wines being poured, the complexity of getting shows like this together normally means there are some misses. My many thanks to Clarrise and to Lionel Bokobsa for making the event as lovely as it was. Bravo!

I already tasted all the Royal wines, including the Spanish and French wines, so the wines I concentrated on for this tasting were Bokobsa wines along with wines that are imported by Bokobsa alone. The wine notes follow below – the explanation of my “scores” can be found here:

2018 Matar Rose – Score: 87
Really nice nose of tart fruit, ripe but controlled, with crazy tart strawberry, quince, and citrus. The mouth on this wine is nice enough, a bit tart but mostly sweet, not acidic enough, showing cotton candy and sweet notes, tropical and grapefruit.

2017 Domaine du Castel La Vie Blanc – Score: 88
Nice nose of smoke and earth, with charcoal, and sweet notes. The mouth is a disappointment after that nose with not enough acid to balance out the sweet fruit still fun with more toast and green apple, with citrus, grapefruit, with good spice and slate. Drink UP!

2017 Domaine du Castel, C Blanc du Castel – Score: 90
Nice nose with great classic Chardonnay notes, rich toast, creme, with rich Brulee, and lovely green apple. The mouth on this full bodied wine is lovely, layered, and rich, sadly it had less acid than I would have liked, with rich fruit, creme, lovely quince, with layers of sweet wood, spice, cloves, and lovely sweet notes. The finish is long and creamy with more oak and sweet spices. Drink until 2025

2017 Domaine du Castel, Petit Castel – Score: 91
The nose on this wine is rich and red with currant, dark cherry, and cranberry, with lovely control and rich saline and earth. The mouth on this medium bodied wine is tart, controlled, and nice, with good sweet tannin, showing finesse, not a fruit bomb, with nice green notes, tobacco, blackberry, and more red fruit, followed by lovely chocolate, rich mouth coating tannin, and great focus and structure. The finish is long and green and herbal, with menthol, green notes, foliage, and searing acid and tannin. Nice! Drink until 2026.

2017 Bokobsa Pouilly fume, La Fontaine des Plumes – Score: 90
There are two Bokobsa Pouilly Fume from 2017, and the more expensive Jean-Pierre Bailly is far better. Lovely nose of fume, with great flint and smoke, followed by gooseberry, with lovely citrus, and great focus with passion fruit and mineral galore. The mouth on this medium bodied wine shows nice weight and great acidity and fair focus, with searing acid, lovely green apple, grapefruit, lemongrass, with tart fruit galore and slate lingering long with lovely citrus, lime, and fruit. Nice! Drink until 2021.

2017 Pascal Bouchard Chablis, Premier Cru – Score: 91-92
The nose on this nose is closed with nice green notes, with classic chard notes of green apple, pear, and Asian pear. The mouth on this wine is lovely, but a bit light on the acid and weight, lacking the complexity I expect, but the mineral is psycho with saline galore and slate, and lovely acid, but with time it opens to show more acid, great gooseberry, lovely searing acid with fun tart fruit. The finish is long and green and mineral-laden with saline and slate and crazy tart and elegant fruit. Drink until 2023.

2017 Pascal Bouchard le Classique, mevushal – Score: 89
Less elegant than the Premier obviously but still nice, with smoke, green notes, green apple, and pear. The mouth on this light to medium bodied wine is nice enough, but the fruit is less focussed and is not as interesting. Drink soon.

Champagne Vranken Charles Lafitte – Score: 89 to 90
Lovely nose, more red than white with lovely mineral, cherry, with yeast, and nice spice. The mouth on this wine is sweeter than in the past, with an attack of a medium mouse, with lovely light tannin, rich mineral, brioche, with a focus of acid and tart cherry, raspberry, with grapefruit and lovely lemon. Long, mineral, slate, and tart citrus finish, that is focused and rich with pith and more brioche. Nice! Drink UP!!!!

Champagne Demoiselle Vranken – Score: 90 to 91
This is another great Champagne from Bokobsa, showing lovely yeasty notes, with a restrained nose, showing flint, straw, orange blossom, white flowers, and quince. The mouth on this lovely bubbly is dry, with a great attack of small bubbled mousse, with green apple, intense acid, pear, apricot, balanced well with tart citrus, grapefruit, with intense mineral, and brioche. The finish is long and tart, with more mineral, crushed fruit, and lovely honeyed notes on the long finish. Drink by 2020.

2016 Chateau Terre Blanque – Score: 88
The nose on this wine is ripe but well controlled, with great blue and red fruit, and nice tilled earth, with nice mineral. The mouth is nice and round, lacking the acid I need, with ripe strawberry and nice red fruit. Green and long and nice enough. Drink soon.

2016 Chateau Haut Corbian, Saint-Estephe – Score: 87
The nose on this wine is ripe and really pushed, with chocolate and herb, and dark brooding fruit, with blackberry and plum. The mouth on this medium bodied is ripe and overkill with dark fruit, sweet and not controlled with nice tannin and ok acid. Drink soon.

2016 Chateau La Tour du Pin Figeac – Score: 87
The nose on this wine is ripe but controlled, with great herb and nice menthol, with garrigue and foliage galore. The mouth is ripe and pushed with nice enough herb and fruit, but the lack of acid, balance, or structure, is really an issue. The mouth coating tannin is nice, and with time maybe this comes around, I have no idea.

2015 Bokobsa Crozes-Hermitage, Marinet – Score: 87
The nose on this wine shows nicely with dark but controlled fruit, with nice herb, cranberry, and red fruit. The mouth on this medium bodied wine is ripe and green but in the end not that interesting.  Drink soon.

2016 Bokobsa Vignobles La Bottiere, Julienas – Score: NA
Sadly, this wine was mostly oak, chocolate milk, and nothing else. Sad, I really like Julienas wines.

2016 Dominique Piron Brouilly – Score: 90
The nose on this wine is crazy bright, showing tart fruit with cranberry and cherry and herb. The mouth is almost rose in style, really tart, really light, and screaming acid, with medium tannin. Long and tart finish, with earth, and rich saline, with citrus and tart cherry. Nice! Drink up!!

2017 Chateau La Tour Blanche Sauternes, 1er Cru classé – Score: 92
This is the fourth 1er classé that has been made kosher. The nose on this wine is lovely with crazy sweet notes of honeyed fruit, with lovely notes of ripe melon, guava, honeysuckle, and orange blossom, with lovely funk, along with ripe pineapple and brown sugar. The mouth on this full bodied wine is lovely but not as good as the 2014 vintage, with ripe fruit of honeyed citrus, almonds with rich funk and layers of sweet fruit that are backed by nice acidity, but not the same like 2014. The finish is super long, with good sweet fruit, mineral galore, lovely pith, and almond paste lingering long with sweet fig, and nicely balanced. Drink until 2033.

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