Some great new kosher wines to enjoy!

This past weekend I enjoyed having some family over at the house, and we enjoyed a few new kosher wine options that were quite enjoyable. First off, thanks DB and NB for swinging by – it was a real joy to see u guys again!!!

Now on to the new options out there. The first is the 2013 La Fenetre Pinot Noir and the new 2013 La Fenetre wine blend and Cab. I only tasted the new 2013 Pinot, and it needed a day of air to lose its ripe flavors. We had the 2011 La Fenetre wines before and the 2012 over Passover, so I am happy to see the kosher selection growing and improving! From the get go, the wine had a massive mouth and attack. However, it also displayed far too much sweet and ripe notes for me. With time the tannins stayed and the sweet notes receded to show a wine ripe with fruit but balanced with mad coffee, tannin, and sweet spices – lovely!

Sadly, the Alsace Pinot Gris was not fun at all, it tasted like a somewhat complex Bartenura Blue Bottle, which I am sorry to say is not much of a compliment! The 2014 Dalton Pinot Gris is a very different story – this wine may still be in travel shock, so let it rest for a bit. I popped mine open and it was dull for a day, until it popped open and had ripping acid and saline and lovely coating minerals. The 2009 Reacanati Carignan is still very old world and rich, but it is coming to its end soon, so drink up!

Sadly, the 2009 Yatir Syrah, a wine I brought from Israel is showing its age already – which blows my mind, but it too was showing over ripe fruit, so start drinking up as well.

The 2009 Four Gates Cabernet Sauvignon, is still insane in its complexity and its structure. Finally, 2014 Tabor Sauvignon Blanc, may be a tiny step behind the 2013 but who cares – it is a lovely and awesome SB for Israel! The 2010 Fourcas Dupre continues to impress and crush with its sick body and mineral and its very impressive price.

So to recap, the wines I loved over Shabbos, are on the top wines for Passover post, and they are:

  1. 2010 Chateau Fourcas Dupre
  2. 2014 Dalton Pinot Gris
  3. 2014 Tabor Sauvignon Blanc
  4. 2013 La Fenetre Pinot Noir (needs time!)

The wine notes follow below:

2012 Cave de Ribeauvillé Giersberger Pinot Gris – Score: B
This is an ok Pinot Gris but lacks the crazy acid and is a bit too “sweet” for me. There is residual sugar, and the sweet fruit annoys me. The nose is ripe with honey. honeysuckle, almond, dirty earth, loam, and ripe white fruit. Too sweet for me, with ripe summer fruit, and rich fig. Nice enough, but stick with the 14 or 13 Dalton PG. The mineral is its saving grace.

I will admit that over time, the wine’s sweetness calms down, but when it does it tastes like a complex version of the blue bottle – which is not saying much.

2014 Dalton Pinot Gris – Score: A- (QPR)
Nice nose of kiwi, green apple, ripe melon, pear, not too tropical at all, and lovely flint, smoke, and rock. The mouth on the medium bodied wine is ripe and tart with lovely acid, ripping mineral, saline notes, mad grapefruit, lemon friache, rich peach and cold quince fruit. The finish is long and smokey with more lovely mad saline, crazy mineral, floral notes, slight lemon pith, and crushed herb. BRAVO!

2014 Tabor Sauvignon Blanc Adama – Score: A- (mad QPR)
Wow, Tabor is continuing to absolutely CRUSH it with their wines – BRAVO! This is the second year that this Sauvignon Blanc is crushing it. The wine continues to show mineral and bone crushing acidity that captivates you. My guests were in awe of it and said this was the best white of the weekend!

This may not be better than the 2013 Tabor SB, but it is barely a drop behind it. The nose on this unoaked Sauvignon Blanc is ripping with tart fruit, mad cut grass, dry straw, mineral, saline, and rock. The mouth on this medium bodied wine continues with ripping grapefruit, mad melon, asian pear, nice grass, with classic gooseberry and cats pee. The wine is far less tropical than last year, with more mineral, with hints of kiwi and nectarine. The finish is long with nice saline, mineral, dried herb, and nice lemon pith – BRAVO!!

2013 La Fenêtre Pinot Noir, Riverbench Vineyard – Score: A-
This kosher wine is very ripe, maybe over ripe to my palate to start, with heat. With time the wine settles down and the ripe fruit calms to a lovely Pinot nose, but with rich fruit and mineral.

The nose on this wine is crazy ripe and mineral with lovely Kirshe cherry, mad strawberry jam, intense ripping coffee grounds, and mad toast – lovely! The mouth on this medium bodied, is packed with dirt, mineral, rich red berry, crazy sweet spices, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves, with rich toast and spiced plum. The mouth is silky smooth, spicy, and juicy with mad acid! The finish is long with great acid, more mad coffee, and juicy red fruits and sweet spices – NICE!!!

This wine is far too young right now and needs time, or decant for 6 hours and wait for the heat to die down.

2010 Château Fourcas Dupre – Score: A- (mad QPR)
I have to say, I never add price into my notes, and to be sure, this one is no different, but a year ago I thought this wine was not ready to play, this year it was awesome! Also, the price never defines the scores I give, but it is a huge component to my QPR score – and in this case this wine is a 100% NO BRAINER!

The nose on this wine is lovely with rich dirt, nice mushroom, hints of barnyard, and lovely black dirt. Sure 2009 was the year of Bordeaux, but 2010 was still a very good vintage and this wine is a great example! The mouth on this medium to full bodied wine is lovely with rich saline, nice spice, lovely blackberry, along with crazy mushroom, mouth coating tannin, and layers of fruit and earth and forest floor that come at you and do not give up. The finish is long, with balancing acid, more earth, dirt, rich dark cherry, plum, cranberry, and lovely mineral/graphite. The fruit and mineral lingers long – BRAVO!!!!

2009 Yatir Shiraz – Score: A-
This wine was lovely but is now showing date, but this is crazy because it was lovely less than a year ago. Drink UP!

The nose on this wine shows blueberry, blackberry, cherry, cassis, but showing date, with bell pepper, smoke, and eucalyptus. The mouth on this full bodied wine is rich and layered with nice extraction, black and blue fruit, roasted meat, with nice graphite and tar. The finish is long and acidic with tobacco, coffee, and nice dirt. Drink up, so sad that the wine is turning sweet so fast.

2009 Four Gates Cabernet Sauvignon – Score: A- to A
The fruit for this lovely old-world Cabernet comes from Betchart Vineyard on Monte Bello Ridge in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I have been able to watch this progress from press to bottling, and it has gone from a rich red fruit wine, to a hybrid rich old-world wine with big red fruit along with some lovely black fruit.

A unique Cabernet that is rich, extracted, balanced, yet oak influenced in a lovely manner, this is not a big black new-world Cabernet! The nose on this purple to black colored wine is screaming with cloves, graphite, Kirsch cherry, raspberry, blackberry, red fruit, tobacco, mint, and anise. The mouth on the full-bodied brute of a wine is super rich, extracted, layered, and concentrated, with nice black and red forest berry, plum, currant, eucalyptus, and green bell pepper, all wrapped up in a cedar box filled with spice and still big round and mouth coating tannin that makes for a rich and spicy mouthfeel. The finish is long, lovely, smoky (no dead animal here), and spicy with more tannin, chocolate, tobacco, cinnamon, red fruit, black pepper, more spice, and a nice hit of vanilla. The chocolate, oak, cloves, herbs, red fruit, and vanilla linger long. Drink by 2018!

2009 Recanati Wild Carignan, Reserve, Judean Hills – Score: A-
This was the first year for this wonderful wine, a great example of what Israel can do when the wine is handled correctly! This wine comes from wild vines that are old and gnarly and dry farmed.

The nose explodes with nice blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, roasted meat, tar, and plum. The mouth is rich and layered, with concentrated but accessible fruit, along with a crazy inky structure, mounds of earth, and a mouth that is massive and rich with mouth coating tannin, and nice cedar. The finish is long and ripe with heavy spice, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, tobacco, vanilla, and a salty finish. As the wine opened it turned closer to date than I would like. DRINK UP!!!

This is clearly a new-world style wine with crazy fruit forward and heavy use of oak, but one that is quite lovely all the same. There will be some that do not like the heavy smoke or the super ripe fruit, and that is fine, just know what you are getting into with this wine.

NV Vinhos Oscar Quevedo Porto Ruby Porto – Score: A- (QPR)
The nose starts off way too hot and too sweet, but after a few days this wine really perks up nicely. Meaning, if you want this for a weekend part or meal, take a nice glass of it on Wednesday and then enjoy the rest on the weekend.

The nose settles into a cherry wonderland with nice cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. The mouth is round and finessed with good candied fruit, currant, cranberry, candied white fruit, along with nuts, rich chocolate, cocoa, and mounds of fig. The finish is long with lasting coating tannin, more sweet notes that linger with spice and chocolate and coffee that can easily handle what you throw at it dessert wise.

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