Must taste wines at kfwe la 2015

So, I will keep this post very short. As stated in the last post, the kfwe in la was for sale still, well they sold out.

If you have a ticket, here is my list of wines that are cannot miss:

Padis table(5):
2012 brilliance padis Napa cab

2012 Oregon pinot noir

Goose bay(6):
Fume blanc
Pinot grigio

Or haganuz(7):
Elima no sulfites

Selection bokobsa (26):

Domaine l’Or de Line Chateauneuf Du Pape 2012

Sancerre 2012



Peraj Ha’Abib

La Flor del Flor de Primavera


Kayoumi White Riesling

Limited Edition

2011 carmel cab kayoumi

Castel (17):

Rose du Castel

Grand Vin

Petite castel

Elvi Wines (18):

Herenza Rioja Semi

Herenza Rioja Crianza

Herenza Rioja Reserva

Cava Brut

Adar 2007

Flam (15):



Reserve Cab

Reserve Syrah

Flechas (25):

Gran Malbec

French Table (24):


Yon Figac

Chateau Giscours

Leoville Poyferre

Leoville Poyferre Pavillon

Chateau Moulin Riche

Fourcas Dupre 10


Variation Five and four

Special Edition Chalk Hill

Single Vineyard Dry Creek Cab


Rollan de By: (24)

Chateau Haut Candissas Medoc


Shor Barbera

Shor Cab Franc


Adama Merlot

Adama Shiraz

Tabor Limited


Mostly Franc

Reserve Syrah

Just Cab

White Franc

Cellar Select Petite Sirah

Cellar Select Cab franc

Italian table (22):
Terra di seta classico Chianti

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