5th Annual New Wines for the New Year

Kosher Wine Society logoThis is the 5th annual wine event for the Jewish New Year being put on by the Kosher Wine Society (KWS)! The KWS is run and managed by Aron Ritter (AKA newly married and insanely lucky  man), and as always he has many tricks up his sleeve!

The Kosher Wine Society (KWS for those in the know) was started in 2005 when Aron Ritter could not find real events to attend that centered on one of his true passions, kosher wine! Remember, this was a point in time, when Lance Armstrong could still wear a yellow jersey! Further, the only kosher wine event, at that time, in the United States, was the Gotham Wine Extravaganza! So, the KWS was born, and slowly but surely it has grown into a membership that spans a large cross-section of the New York social scene.

The wine event will be a cross-section of many kosher wine providers much like the Gotham Wine Extravaganza! The KFWE is always awesome, like it was this past year, but you get only Royal’s wines. At the KWS event you get some Royal wines and other wines as well.

Last year’s event was wonderful and shall I say interesting as it occurred on “Fashion Week”, in NY, and the hotel where the event took place was hosting a party for the models – nuff said! Not sure if that will be the case this year as well!

Like last year the wine list evolves over time, check this web page to buy your tickets and to follow the wines that will be available for tasting. For now the wines to taste are the Vignobles David Chateauneuf du Pape (crazy expensive but great wine according to Costas), the Recanti wines (Single Varietal wines for sure), and the Dalton wines as well! So many options and the list is barely 1/5 to 1/6th the way there! As the wine list grows – I am sure many more cannot miss wines will be added!!!

Also, last year the cheese guy was there and he was craving some mad cheese – not sure if he is on the agenda for for this year – but be sure to get some of his higher end cheeses for your festive meals!

The event’s location is still TBD, but the date and time are locked down:  Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 7PM (early tasting or 7:30 for later tasting. Get the early bird special pricing now, and get the early 7 PM tasting price for what you will pay later for the 7:30 pricing. Finally, go with a game plan! Once you sign up, keep watching the page, as Aaron is very good at updating the wines that will be presented at the event. Then look at the list and see which wines you have not yet tasted and which you will be interested in. Attend early, taste them and be sure to buy the wines you like for the Jewish New Year and especially for the Sukkot celebrations that follow!

I am sure the event will be a smash like it was last year – so, get your tickets early before the prices go up and get there early, as last year, some of the best wines got poured out quickly (think 2009 Gvaot Pinot – SICK!!!!!)
Mazel Tov again Aaron and hopefully you and KWS will have many more happy married years ahead of you!

P.S. Make sure to wish Aaron and Zahava your best wishes – they looked great last week in NY!!!

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