Red, White and Champagne (Sparkling) Wine and Food event on July 21st in Manhattan

The River Wine, a kosher wine distributor of Israeli, French, and California wines is holding a lovely event on July 21st for all of you wine lovers in the New York area. The event is a two-part affair – the VIP tasting is at 5 PM and the main event is at 6 PM. The wines being poured at the event includes wines from their entire portfolio, including new ones from the Rose Camille Family, Shirah Wines, and Beit El Winery! Of course there will be fine food as well, and attire in red, white or Champagne colors are suggested (Short, t-shirt, and red flip-flops will probably not fly).

I will post as I hear more about the particular wines being poured – but for now the event sounds and the price for General Admission (non-VIP session) is on sale for 35 dollars, till July 1st, after that it goes to 45 dollars.

The event link can be found here and make sure to press the get tickets link before July 1st to lock in the lower price, or better yet, get the VIP session and get in an hour earlier and have the chance to taste a whole bunch of special wines (which I hope to get more information on soon). The event is being held in the Brownstone on 224 east 12th street in New York City.

Those that attend the VIP Session will be poured the following wines:

Tishbi   Gush Etzion
Brut   Blessed Valley Red
Jonathan Tishbi   Blessed Valley White
brandy 12yr and 16yr    
Shirah   Beit El
2011 one two punch   beit el Cabernet
2011 Coalition   beit el Carignan
2010 Thompson Syrah    
2011 Thompson Syrah   Camille de roses
2011 Alder Springs Syrah    
2012 Viognier    
2012 Grenache Rose    

So, as promised there is more information on the dishes that will be served. The food courses so far are:

  1. Sesame Chicken With Dips
  2. Julianne Chicken Platters With Dipping Sauces
  3. Lamb Meatballs
  4. Roast Beef, Corned Beef, Pastrami, Turkey Breast And Grilled Vegetable Wraps
  5. Tossed Mesclun With Caesars Salad And Italian And Honey Mustard Dressing
  6. Pasta Pesto
  7. Guacamole And Salsa Tarts, Veggie Pate` Tarts, Curry Chicken Tarts
  8. Grilled Vegetable Platters
  9. Baby Roast Potatoes

Watch here for more information as I receive it! The party sounds like a totally awesome way to get back into the swing of summer, after the 3 weeks.

The flyer is attached below:

Red, White, And Champagne event from River Wine

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