The 2007 Yarden Pinot Noir and a revisied note for Terrenal Malbec

Having finally come home from my four week trip to France and Israel, I have tons to write, but more of that soon. For now, I wanted to get my notes in for this weekend’s wines. The dinner was simple and great – all at the same time. The wine was nice, but I also opened a bottle of the 2012 Terrenal Malbec, and it has taken a large step backwards. Gone is the blue and black notes, and now all that is left

2007 Yarden Pinot Noir – Score: B+ to A- (QPR)
This wine is one that is sure to create controversy wherever it is poured. Why? Because the wine does not taste like a Pinot Noir! The wine is rich and lovely and more akin to a Tempranillo or Barbera than it is to a Pinot Noir.
The nose starts off hot but then cools with lovely and expressive black cherry, smoky aromas, cloves, spice, licorice, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and herb. The mouth is medium in weight with a nice and full mouth that coats the mouth with integrated tannin, sweet cedar, along with dark fruit, that is now coming together quite nicely with raspberry, blackberry, and black plum. Over time the wine’s nose shows apricot and peach along with ripe fruit. The finish is long and spicy with black pepper, caramel, butterscotch, vanilla, and a hint of date on the finish.
The wine is not a typical Pinot Noir, but please do not take that as an affront – it is a lovely and enjoyable wine. If you are looking for a Pinot Noir styled wine – look elsewhere. If you are looking for a lovely wine that works with hard cheese, chicken soup, and roast beef alike, that will please newbies and wine veterans alike, than this is the wine for you!

2012 Terrenal Malbec – Score: B+ when not a bad bottle
Friends and acquaintances have been having mixed feelings about this wine. Wine that I had stored in my house – tasted more like a blend of lilac, marzipan, black fruit, and dirt. Gone was the root beer, the deep floral notes, and overall nice edges of this wine. However, I then went to the store and picked up a bottle from the shelf and it was exactly like I have it below. I believe the issue was that I stored the bottle in a not so happy place, but I am not sure why the bottle changed into that! The place I stored it was not a hot room! I stored it in the bottom of my pantry and it was cool for this entire month. Not sure – but a new bottle from the store tastes fine – so if it tastes off, return the bottle and get a new one.
This is what the newly bought bottle tastes like, exactly what I tasted the last few times – I really do love that tea, blue, hops, and vanilla flavor that lingers.
WOW! This wine starts off with a crazy attack of floral notes and about nothing else – really it starts of smelling like a lilac, rose, and Jasmine bouquet. However, with a bit of air and time, lovely ribbons of blueberry, black cherry, black pepper, and spice appear. The mouth is smooth and round with nice ripe fruit, almost layered and definitely attention grabbing, with blackcurrant, tea, and spice. The finish is long and almost rich with more blue and black fruit, root beer, vanilla, and nice tannin that coats the mouth along with bitter hops and herb. BRAVO!!

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