More wines from this past weekend…

Well what can I say the theme continues with even more wines that I had the chance to taste this past weekend. There were some real winners and some very solid wines, without a dud in the bunch, including nothing short of heaven in a bottle, more on that in the notes below.

For now, I will leave you with a plethora of wines that I hope you can find in the your area and enjoy much like I did this past weekend with my family! Loved the food, tons of Sephardi food with many a treat!

The wines notes follow below:

2009 Tzuba Pinot Noir – Score: B+
Tasting this twice the wine showed a continuous expression of almost pure cherry, with Chica cherry cola, cherry, oak, ripe raspberry, bramble, toast, and espresso. The mouth on this medium bodied wine is ripe and tart with good acid, rich currant, medicinal cherry, nice spicy cedar, and nice integrated mouth coating tannin. The finish is long and spicy, with roasted herb, oriental spice, cherry candy, and cloves.

2007 Katlav Wadi Katlav – Score: A-
This is Katlav’s flagship wine and is a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Merlot, and 15% Petite Verdot. This wine starts of very closed and all you smell is crazy deep mineral, almost intense graphite and sulfur, quite nice but not its true self. The wine needs decanting, so go ahead and decant and fear not, unless you wish to wait a year or so more. Once it opens the wine screams with blackberry, black plum, cassis, and rich mineral, almost sulfur in its extreme, along with date and nice spice. The mouth on this medium to full bodied wine is rich with nice sweet black fruit, ripe red fruit, sweet raspberry, nice vanilla, and sweet cedar along with mouth coating tannin that lingers long. The mouth is rich, round, and sweet, showing the impact of being in oak for 24 months, but while it does not lack in acid, it lacks the zip that could make this a killer wine. The finish is long with sweet tobacco, black fruit, licorice, cassis, and spice along with mounds of sweet milk chocolate, and rich cinnamon and cloves. The wine is throwing sediment so beware if you decant.

2009 Dalton Alma SMV Red – Score: A-
What can I say all things SMV captivate me, the sweet blue and black notes are a siren that I am lost to ignore, and the control and finesse used throughout, shows Dalton as the winery I have always felt it is – top notch and professional. The wine is a blend of SMV, 82% Shiraz, 12% Mourvedre, and 6% Viognier. While, the wine does not start with that evocative and perfumed nose of peach and apricot that comes from the viognier, there is a perfume of floral notes that scream through the thick layers of ripe blueberry, blackberry, black plum, and of course root beer (AKA ginger on steroids), along with sweetened anise, and quite literally sweet and ripe raspberry jam. As always Dalton knows how to push the envelope but keep the wine from going over the cliff of sweetness, with a controlled sweet nose.
The mouth is medium to full in body, more to the side of medium, and one that is in no way shy, with a concentrated attack of black and blue fruits that hit you in waves with good acid balance, filled with boysenberry, plum, and currant presented in a mound of sweet cedar, and nice and integrated tannin. The finish is long and spicy with crazy tart and ripe fruit, lingering long with sweet tobacco, espresso coffee, and many lovely spices, along with heaps of black pepper, and black and blue fruit covered with sweet vanilla.

2011 Ella Valley Everred – Score: B+ to A-
This is a wine that was created solely under the control of the new head winemaker at Ella Valley, Lin Gold. Her Australian roots make a clear presence here with her desire to create a more fruity and sweet mouth, while still controlling it with good acid. It is a clear shift from the ways of Doron Ben Rav which craved acid and more controlled bright and maybe even bitter notes. Interesting, as this is the second wine I have tasted from Lin (the 2011 Sauvignon Blanc was the first), and both show a more sweet tooth, with enough acid to keep your interest. It will be interesting to see what her reds look like in the coming years as they are released from their oak control.
The nose on this lovely salmon colored wine starts off with rich notes of passion fruit, ripe almost sweet strawberry, lovely bracing and acidic pineapple, crazy kiwi, and lovely floral notes of jasmine and rose. The mouth on this medium bodied wine is a bit richer than the average rose out there, with nice heft but control, though lacking the complexity that would grab and shake you to the core. There is nice grapefruit, peach and lemon curd that does make the mouth pop. The finish is long and tart with nice mineral, slate, and good zesty fruit that lingers with hints of lemon and lime zest that lingers. This is one of the new breed Rose wines coming out of Israel that is controlled sweet without the harsh bitter after tones that sometimes add to the wine, but most of the time take away from the wine with its harshness. Time will tell where these rose blends are going, but for now enjoy this wine now, it has only a bit of time left before its acid core leaves it and takes away what makes this wine a bit special.

2006/2007 Gat Shomron Merlot – Score: A- and a bit more
The wine is a rare blend of two years, the 2006 sat in oak for 28 months, while the 2007 sat in oak for 16 months. The fruit comes from Har Bracha, a heaven for all things Merlot. Merlot seems to flourish in Har Bracha, to the point that wine makers seek it out and use it in blends to add acid to their wines. The grapes from Har Bracha are acid packed but also full bodied and rich, not lacking in fruit in any way. Even when fully ripe, the fruit screams with acid – quite unique.
The nose on this wine screams with super ripe blackberry, date, ripe plum, and deep rooted mineral, spiced herbs, along with a hint of ripe green fruit and screaming deep milk chocolate. The mouth on this wine is full in the mouth with concentrated fruit that seems to pop out at you from its bracing acid, along with soft almost plush mouth coating tannin that seems to linger forever. The mouth continues with notes of citrus, that mingle well with ripe blackberry, black cherry, and green notes that are all enveloped within controlled and nice sweet cedar and integrating tannin. The finish is long and sweet, with nice mineral, bracing acid that continues, graphite that hits you with sweet vanilla, and cinnamon. Tart and sweet raspberry lingers with strawberry. This is a wine that quite literally held up against everything we threw at it, excepting only for the kitchen sink, quite a lovely wine.

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