Kosher Wine and Food Pairing Showcase at the Millesime Lounge in the Carlton Hotel, NY

With the Jewish New Year fast approaching (September 17th and 18th), it is high time for another massive wine tasting, this time a cross-section of the wine world and some lovely food to boot! The past two Herzog/Royal wine events, as lovely as they have been, centered on the universe of Royal Wines and Herzog Wines. Now, there is nothing wrong with the wine portfolios of both of these wonderful organizations, however when it comes to the diversity of options out there outside of Royal’s portfolio, I am excited when there is the opportunity to see them all in one place!

Until now, the only place where that existed was the Gotham Kosher Wine Extravaganza! The event brings every major kosher wine importer, including Royal wines, Recanati Wines, Bravdo Winery, Hevron heights, and many Spanish, French, and Chilean wines as well. The best French wine outside of Royal’s portfolio is clearly Fred David’s winery, his Cotes du Rhone wines and his upcoming Chateauneuf du Pape (CDP). David’s wines are imported by Allied Wine importers, along with Dalton wines, Gvaot, and Saslove! Very interesting that Allied has added Gvaot and Saslove.

The good news is that all of the wines stated above along with many more options will be available at the upcoming Kosher Wine and Food Pairing Showcase – on September 10th. The event will include many new wines, including new vintages of stunning wines, along with wines that are not often talked about; including Shirah Wines Power to the People!

However, while we all like to taste some wines, Man does not live on wine alone! To meet this need the event organizers have come up with an original approach, that being placing the wines next to the foods or dishes that they believe best shows the wine’s potential. It is an original idea, and while some maybe concerned about the clash of humans and aromas fighting your interest to taste a wine or two – fear not! The promoters of this event have purposely limited the attendance to 150 people within a room that easily fits 300 – all with the mind of trying to best accommodate the event, its new approach, and the attendees who are interested in an evening of food and wine.

It is an original approach – appealing to both the foodie and wine lover in all of us, and one that Todd Aarons and Herzog Winery has done beautifully since day one of the IFWF in Oxnard and LA. However, even Mr. Aaron has never tried to place the food and wine in an easily accessible and taste-able pairing – it is an idea whose time has come and is a solid evolution of the food and wine festivals, but also one that needs to be carefully planned! Which is not a problem for the acclaimed Nelly Rosenking, who has made a name for herself as a first class kosher event planning coordinator, will be coordinating the logistics of the event!

Further, as stated before, the wines are a venerable list of who’s who in the kosher wine world, with the requisite Yarden and Royal wines. However, as stated previously, do not underestimate the wonders that lie in other importer’s portfolios; Recanati, Dalton, Gvaot, Saslove, Gush Etzion, Bravdo, Odem, and do not forget the oft-maligned Hevron Heights!

I am a contributor to the Israeli and kosher wine forum, and so are Isaac C, Pinchas L, and Adam M. The three of them have helped create the menu along with the wines chosen. However, in the end, the actual wines that will be served are being underwritten by 67 Wine, a wine store that I most admit I have never heard of before or bought from in the past. That is not to say in any way that this is not a store to buy from, rather it is to notify everyone that there is yet another wine store on the block – and one that is getting serious around the kosher wine scene, as is evident with this very event. The prices on the site look inline with the prices, though not as aggressive as Gotham or However, as previously stated, you will get a list of further discounted prices for the wines you taste at the event, which gives you the opportunity to find the wines you like and then notate that on the list, and hand the list in at the end of the tasting – to get them at a discounted rate – a big WIN-WIN for all.

Along with the opportunity to buy the wines you taste, there will be the opportunity to buy some wines that did not sell last year at the Kastenbaum kosher wine auction. Much of the wine did not sell, as the bids did not hit the reserve price for the item. So, if you wish to dig deep or put on your voyeur’s hat – then by all means – check out the wines, many of which were highly acclaimed.

Finally, one cannot talk about this upcoming event and leave out the space or time. The event will be held in the newly refined and refurbished Salon Millesime in the Carlton Hotel, located on Madison Avenue b/n 28th and 29th street. The event will go on for three hours, giving you a chance to peruse through the Kastenbaum wines, taste the wines at hand, consume copious amounts of fish, hor d’oeuvres, meats, and yes for you tree huggers out there – salads and veggie dishes as well!

The event sounds crazy epic, and from the looks of the folks saying they will be attending on Facebook – this thing is going to sell out FAST! So grab your tickets here and make sure not to miss this epic event that is sure to satiate the foodie and wine lover in you!

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