International Wine Review covers Israeli Wines in Depth!

Given this blog’s long and lengthy style – this may well be the shortest one ever! The Israeli wine industry has for the longest time has been in need of attention, in all the right ways. It has been producing fine wine, but with the passing of Daniel Rogov (his day of remembrance is coming up fast), positive wine information of the region and industry has been a bit lacking. Of course, Adam Montefiore has taken the Ambassador role on with gumption, and is helping the Israeli industry daily.

However, as I have been talking about recently, and there is even more to come, the Israeli Wine industry is getting its due. However, I think some of the best focus so far has been delivered by the recent publication from the International Wine Review, most recent report – ALL on Israel and its burgeoning wine regions and winemakers! The article is fantastic and I will now leave it to the accomplished abilities of the Israeli Wine Blog!

Great work by the International Wine Review!

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