First Annual Kosher Premier Wine Tasting in San Francisco, CA

My friend Benyamin Cantz told me about an event he was pouring at and asked if I could help out. I was more than glad to accept, and as I looked into the event some more, I was impressed. The list of wines is impressive. It is not the normal Herzog or Barkan wines, tough they are there of course. Instead, it highlights a serious cast of wines and wine makers, from Northern California, in what may be the one time they will all be in the same room pouring at the same time. I mean, I have never yet been at a wine event where all three of Northern California’s kosher wine makers will all be attending. They are; Jeff Morgan, the head wine maker of Covenant Wines, Ernie Weir, wine maker of Hagafen Wines, and Benyamin Cantz, wine maker of Four Gates Wine. On top of all that, they will be having wines from Herzog, Barkan, Gamla, Yarden, Galil, Bartenura, Goose Bay, Cardova, Yarden, Galil, and Golan! What a lineup!! As of now Jeff and Benyamin are for sure shows, I have an email out to the Rabbi asking about Mr. Weir.

The official list can be found here, get tickets NOW before this things blows up and you are left out in the cold! This is a very unique event that very much reminds me of a kosher event that Gotham Wines puts on every year on the east coast! Gotham is unique because it is not just Royal/Herzog wines; it also has Yarden, Galil, and others. Well until now, the west coast has never had all these wines and selection under a single roof!

Mega kudos to Rabbi Potash and the Chabad of Cole Valley for putting this wine event together! I hope to see you all there and safe driving!

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