Israel, Herzog International Food and Wine Festival, and life…

It has been a crazy and whirlwind month, to say the least. I went to israel shortly after my last post for two weeks. I returned home for a day, only to drive down to Oxnard (Southern California), home of Herzog Wine Cellars, for the 2011 International Food and Wine Festival. Then a drive back and now I am alive enough to start posting again…

On my travels and at the wine events I was fortunate to attend, I was lucky to meet a large number of you that actually enjoy and read my blog. It was then that I quickly realized that this blog is more than just a place to catalog and recount my foodie needs, and more about us all sharing what we like and dislike in and about the kosher food and wine world.

So, I want to make sure that you all know that I truly appreciated the comments and concerns that were shared with me, and that I look forward to sharing more of my notes and recipes with you in the coming year!

Please look forward to postings, in the near future, on many of the wineries and people I was fortunate to see and meet, and on the 2011 Herzog International Food and Wine Festival – which was another smashing success.

Thanks again!

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