Alcohol and Brown Sugar braised Short Ribs, Quinoa, Fresh Salad, and Carmel Petite Sirah Appellation

On the second day of Shavuot we stayed home and enjoyed some wonderful braised ribs.  The ribs were moist and tasty without all the alcohol taste we had last time, because I did not put in half a gallon of whisky this time 🙂  We made them in the a large dutch oven and reheated them in the oven after sun down on the second night, as one must wait for the second day to start before beginning any preparations for the second day meal.  We also made Quinoa and fresh green salad to go along with the ribs.  The ribs were wonderful, falling off the bone, soft, and very flavorful, nice overall.

To match this chunk of meat and in honor of Shavuot, I went into the cellar and chose one of my favorite big time wines –  Carmel Petite Sirah!  This is a wonderful, full bodied, and powerful wine, with an interesting surprise, blueberry!  I did not taste it the last time we had this wine, but this time it came through loud and clear.  A great wine, which lasts long in the bottle, and short my glass 🙂

The wine note follows below:

2005 Carmel Petite Sirah Appellation (Israel, Judean Hills) – Score: A-
The nose on this royal purple wine is ripe and rich with ripe blueberry, blackberry, plum, floral notes, rich oak, chocolate, and spice. The mouth on this full bodied wine is so fun and flavorful with ripe blueberry that plays with plum and blackberry to make for a concentrated yet playful mouthfeel. The mid palate is packed yet balanced with acid, oak, chocolate, and blueberry that carries over from the mouth. The finish is long and tantalizing with chocolate, leather, blueberry, and acid, with the blueberry and oak lingering long on the palate after the wine is gone. Truly brilliant and enjoyable, a wine that is both bright yet ripe with a body that can handle about anything you throw at it.

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