Lemon/Honey/Pepper Roasted Chicken, Rice Pilaf, and 2004 Four Gates Chardonnay

This past week was harried and crazy coming back from New York, where we visited the Gotham Wine Event and a bit of the New York scene.  Anyway, my wife was very kind to essentially make shabbos.  To start she whipped up a batch of scrumptious roasted chicken, where she places the chicken in a pan and then covers the chicken with a melange of honey, red pepper flakes, lemon, and a few other spices.  Along with that she made some delicious spinach kugel, brown basmati rice, and a fresh green salad.  To match the food I went looking for a nice chardonnay in the cellar, and came up with a 2004 Four Gates Chardonnay.  The wine has been one we have drunk before, but this wine has turned, and should start being drunk up soon.  I always kid Benyo that it would be fine to add in a bit of oak to his Chardonnay. Well, maybe not, this bottle was almost a cousin to the 2007 Castel Chardonnay C, that is bright and also burnt on the nose from so much toasted oak.  The Four Gates Chardonnay is not as burnt as it is oaky, and is losing its fruit.  It seems to me that the oak is now overpowering what fruit is left, and so, if you like an oaky Chardonnay drink up, if not, drink up!!

Also, since I trounced it on Rogov’s forum, it is only fair to give it its due. This shabbos a friend made a lovely kiddush spread for all of the shul to enjoy. Part of that spread was a bottle of Red Label 2005 Hagafen Pinot Noir. On the forum both myself and Daniel did not find it very good at all. My only guess is that it was in a crazy dumb period. Because this morning that same bottle was lovely, with clear notes of oak, strawberry, cherry, plum, and coffee/chocolate. Very nice and very worthwhile. Probably at its peak or maybe a bit on the other side, but not brown or orange in any way. Anyway, as always full disclosure. Also, I had a drop of some 2004 Hagafen Merlot. Very nice, soft, accessible, rich with supple tannins, oak, plum, a hint of cassis, and raspberry. Nice wine, but drink up time.

The wine note follows below:

2004 Four Gates Chardonnay – Score: A-
The nose on this electric light gold to gold colored wine is filled with heavy and luscious toasted oak, starts a bit burnt to start, lemon, melon, peach, toasted almond, and butterscotch.  The mouth on this full bodied wine is now overpowered by layers of concentrated spicy and toasted oak, along with butterscotch, melon, and a hint of almonds.  The mid palate is packed with more oak, lemon, and bright acidity.  The finish is long and spicy, with tasty oak, butterscotch, and lemon.  As it sat the wine lost a bit of the burnt toast flavors, and it was awesome, but the next day, it was over.  I recommend to all that it is time to drink this wine up, and enjoy it with heavy roasted fowl, light stews, and hard cheese.

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