Jerk BBQ Chicken, Beef Bourguignon Leftovers, and Recanati Cabernet Franc Reserve

This past week saw us enjoying a lovely Jerk BBQ chicken and leftovers of Beef Bourguignon that we had a few weeks ago.  The chicken had a lovely BBQ aromatic, that is accentuated by the jerk rub.  The jerk rub was made of a simple mixture of Garlic, Cumin, Brown Sugar, Black Pepper, and some vinegar.   The chicken was moist and extremely tasty to boot.  We paired this with a some nice Quinoa and Long grain Rice for the left over Beef Bourguignon, and we had a very enjoyable, and easy to make Shabbos dinner.

To pair with these foods, I chose a lovely wine that I have been high on, but whose older brother I love even more.  I have spoken a few times now about Cabernet Franc, and my love for it.  I also love the work that Lewis Pasco did on the Cabernet Franc line at the Recanati Winery, before he left, a couple of years ago.  I chose to drink the 2004 vintage of the Recanati Cabernet Franc, but I have posted before about my wonderful visit to the Recanati Winery, and the barrel tasting of the 2006 Recanati Cabernet Franc.  Anyway, as usual Daniel Rogov was dead on with his recommendation to drink this up in 2009.  The 2004 vintage is at its true peak and ready to drink.  The tannins have mellowed and are now mouth coating, and give ample structure to this full bodied wine.  The fruit is still very present and mingling nicely with the tannins, oak, and floral characteristics.

The wine notes follow below:

2004 Recanati Cabernet Franc – Score: B+
This wine is filling out and is now at its peak. Gone is most of the green flavors and what is left is a lovely red and black fruited mouth coating wine that still exhibits the classical Franc green and floral flavors, but balances them with a canopy of oak and bright fruit flavors. The nose on this ruby to garnet colored wine is really hot initially out of the bottle. However, that blows off pretty quickly. Once the heat is gone, the wines exhibits notes of cranberry, raspberry, plum, oak, and mint. The mouth on this full bodied wine is mouth coating with almost perfectly integrated tannins. It is melded with spicy oak, fresh and ripe cranberry and black plums. The mid palate flows is balanced with nice tannins and just enough acidity. The finish is long and spicy with eucalyptus and fresh fruit. Quite a nice wine that is truly at its peak and ready to drink.

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