ElviWines Ness and some lovely Buffalo steaks

This past weekend saw us enjoying a meal at home with a pair of grilled Buffalo steaks and vegetables, along with a wicked cool bottle of wine that I have had before, but not documented until now.  We placed the steaks into a marinade of wine, herbs, and stone crushed mustard.  The marinade helped to soften the buffalo steaks and added a really nice herb and mustard flavor to them.  I popped some charcoals into my small grill, and lit them up and let them get nice and white.  I then dropped the vegetables on the coals, and started working on a salad with my wife to complement the dinner.

Once the vegetables were grilled, I threw the meat on the grill for a few minutes on each side, and then let them rest for a couple of minutes.  I used the marinade to baste the meat while it was cooking on the grill and then we tucked into them once they had rested.

I chose to pair the steaks with a fun loving wine called Elvi Ness.  The wine is really fun and explosive, but not overly complex.  It is one of those wines that can be construed by some as all over the place, but to me and others, a really fun loving wine, especially with steak.

The wine notes follow below:

2004 ElviWine Ness (50% Tempranillo, 20% Bobal, 20% Syrah and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon) – Score: B+
The nose on this dark garnet to purple colored wine starts off with Syrah characteristics, it is really powerful with roasted herb, fig, vanilla, blackberry, plum, dark chocolate, tar extraction, and oak.  The mouth on this full bodied wine is concentrated with blackberry, red plum, and herbs.  The mid palate is bright with acidity, tar, and oak.  The finish is spicy and long with pepper, oak, dark fruit, tar, and chocolate.  The wine is clearly showing its Syrah components, with its extracted and peppery flavors – quite nice!

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