Wine Spectator available again for miles – sort of…..

If you were following the story as closely as I was, Wine Spectator had removed its name from the list of magazine subscriptions that you could buy for miles, from  Well, just as my Wine Spectator magazine subscription was about to run out, my wife saved a letter from US Airways from the trash, it was a renewal notice for many magazines, including Wine Spectator.  I thought that their marketing division was broken and stupid, as everyone knew that Wine Spectator was not available for miles any longer!  So I discarded the mail in portion of the letter and was about to throw out the whole lot, when I saw small yellow piece of paper that reads

For Faster Service…

Redeem your miles for magazines online.

Well, I tried the extra special link and it works!  Not only did I get my Wine Spectator for 900 miles!  But after you enter in your US Airways account and such to charge your miles, you get a page with many GREAT magazines that are available to you for 2 dollars a pop.  I personally bought Sports Illustrated for 2 dollars a YEAR, and many others!

Just thought I would pass this along – Wine Spectator is back for miles – sort of, all you need is the special URL!  Happy reading!!!

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  1. Thanks for this update! My subscription just ran out, so I checked US Airways and Delta and noticed that Wine Spectator showed up on the list of magazines without any special code needed.

    Very cool!

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