Four Gates Merlot M.S.C., Galil Mountain Winery Yiron, Carmel Cabernet Sauvignon Zarit

This past Friday night saw us invited to a friend of ours for dinner, and so we brought a bottle of wine, and so did a couple of other folks as well.  Dinner was wonderful as usual.  It started with Teriyaki Salmon and a really nice salad.  It was followed by thick and lustrous leek/carrot/potato bisque that went along wonderfully with the killer freshly baked challah.  Finally, it was followed by a killer braised black olive/carrot chicken, served alongside brown rice and almond encrusted green beans.  The meal was really lovely and the wines served were quite nice as well.  The host started with Benyamin’s yet to be released 2006 Four Gates Merlot M.S.C.  It still needs sometime to hit its stride, as of now it is still too tightly wound, and is one of the main reasons why he has yet to release it.  We put it to the side, and it opened nicely an hour or so later.  That was followed by an almost smooth 2003 Galil Mountain Winery Yiron.  That one has hit its stride, and is slowing down, so drink up.  That was followed once more by the 2003 Carmel Cabernet Sauvignon Zarit, which is at its peak, if not a bit below it.  I like a wine to have a bit of bite, so I think it is at its peak, others who like it completely smooth, would maybe want to wait a few more months.  Of the three wines, we ordered them as such; Four Gates Merlot, Zarit Cabernet, and Yiron.  They all received an A-, but I would order them in that manner.

We want to throw major props to the direction of our hosts and thank them profusely for their hospitality and the wonderful meal.  The wine notes follow below:

2003 Carmel Cabernet Sauvignon Kerem Zarit – Score: A-
The nose on this purple to black colored wine is a classical old style Cabernet, which means more green than red or black. The nose was herbaceous and smoky with green pepper, and a hint of oak. The mouth of this full bodied wine was a complete opposite of the nose, with mounds and layers of blackberry, licorice, and plum that was solidified by nice tannins. The mid palate flows nicely with bracing acidity and tannins that flow into a long finish of spice, black fruit, and a touch of oak. This is a nice wine and is ready to drink.

2006 Four Gates Merlot M.S.C. – Score: A- (not yet for sale)
This has not changed much from the previous time that we tasted this wine, other than the plum and heat in the nose.  The heat blows off quickly, and the plum completes a wonderful mouth feel, quite nice.

The nose on this black garnet colored wine filled with candied raspberry, blackberry, plum, roasted herbs, and intense sweet wood.  The nose changes with more air to a richer nose of opulent wood and more plum and cranberry.  The mouth on this full bodied wine is concentrated, full in the mouth with mouth coating tannins, and complex layers of plum, raspberry, blackberry, and cherry.  The mid palate is a balance of oak and acid that play off the full mouth.  The finish is long and spicy with more sweet wood, acidity, coffee, and vanilla.

2003 Galil Mountain Winery Yiron – Score: A-
The nose on this black colored wine is a new world cabernet first and foremost, it is packed with blackberry, cassis, red fruit, tobacco, a touch of bell pepper, and oak.  The mouth on this full bodied wine is smoky and concentrated, but utterly smooth, it has hit its stride.  It starts with cassis, blackberry, and red fruit.  The mid palate has just enough acid to keep this wine balanced, along with nicely integrated tannins.  The finish is long and spicy with black fruit, chocolate, and rich oak.  Drink up and enjoy.

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