Goose Bay Pinot and Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve Napa Valley

Recently we went to a party and I brought along two bottles of wine.  The wine notes follow below:

2003 Herzog Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve – Score: A-
This wine was really nice. The nose of this dark purple wine is screaming with blackberry, cassis, raspberry, and oak. The mouth on this full bodied wine is complex with layers of blackberry, cassis, chocolate, and oak. The mouth flows into the mid palate with nice acidity, oak, and nicely integrated tannins. The finish is long with more chocolate, oak, and black fruit flavors.

2006 Goose Bay Pinot Noir – Score: B-
This vintage is now gone 😦 It was nice before, but then poof it just died. I tasted this one two times within a short period of time, my bottle and a bottle during a wine tasting. The wine is over the hill and watered down. A real shame! That said the notes follow below:

The nose on the ruby colored Pinot is not as large as it once was; it starts off with coffee, cherry and a bit of raspberry. The mouth on this light bodied wine has cherry, and raspberry. The mid palate is almost bitter with earth and no oak to be found. The finish is acidic with flavors of cherry on the finish. Drink this up now if you can.

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  1. I’m a big fan of everything that Goose Bay produces. The Sauvignon Blanc was my first love, bu the Pinot Noir, Viognier and Chardonnay are also quite good.

    I was actually looking for the winery’s website and that’s how I stumbled upon your blog. Do you know if they have one?

    • Please do not get me wrong. I adore Goose Bay wines, just not this vintage. The 2006 Pinot used to be pretty good, though not as good as the 2005, but now it is dead.

      Still Goose Bay wines are fantastic, as my notes show. That said, the winery is not called Goose Bay Winery, that is the name that Royal Wines (the importer), gave the wines. The winery’s name is Spencer Hill Winery, and the website is: Look at the end of the page and the Goose Bay wines will be listed there. Also, the Royal Wine site has a few tasting notes on the wines as well:

      Best Wishes!

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