Burnt Lentil Soup, Roasted Herb Chicken, and Goose Bay Viognier

This past weekend found our family coming on by for a Friday Night dinner, and we were delighted to see them.  Of course, I had to ruin something, and that was managed by burning my Lentil Soup.  I was so angry, as I was cooking up the vegetables so nicely, they smelled like heaven and the lentils were nicely coated with oil slowly cooking up.  I guess, I did not watch them closely enough and they burned!  What a mess.  I switched pots, but there was no saving it!  At least the roasted herb encrusted chicken that my wife made, along with her famous whole wheat bread, was a hit.  It was great to see the gang again, and in the house to boot was a blast.  To pair with the chicken, we opened a Goose Bay Viognier that I should have opened earlier.  I have posted about this before and I did not follow my own advice – AHH!  Anyway, the conversation around the table was nice and paced, and that let the wine open up to where it was perfect, when we all had just a bit more in the glass 🙂

It was great seeing you guys and hope you swing by again soon!  The wine notes follow below:

Goose Bay Viognier 2007 – Score: A
This is an awesome and fun white. When we first opened it I was hoping for the perfume to overpower me and take control of my senses. However, the nose did not open up right away, instead the mouth was full of the perfumed fruit while the nose was hiding behind the mask of fruit and oak. The nose would open later on, the notes here are from an hour or two of air.

The nose of this light yet bright straw colored wine was filled with classic Viognier perfume, grapefruit, apricot and citrus aromas. The mouth of this medium bodied wine is strikingly fruity while also being infused with the perfume quality. The mid palate is strongly acidic and laced with grapefruit, lemon, and green flavors. The finish is acidic in an almost puckering way. I must say, that a nice perfumed nose and mouth while still dry, is great with heavy foods like roasted duck or turkey. But because it is so dry, it fails to stand up to spicy foods.

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