Salmon, Lasagna, Boerewors, Elviwines Vina Encina, Lambouri Ya’in Kafrisin, and Four Gates Chardonnay

The next day we had two unreleased Four Gates Chardonnays (again, we will blog on them as soon as they are released) and the Vina Encina.  They were paired with some lovely fresh salads, rice salad, salmon, and chumus.  The Chardonnays played a wonderful part in the meal, as the oakiness and fullness of wines helped them stand up to the acidity in the chumus and salads.  The fish was complimented almost perfectly with the oakier of the two Chardonnays.  Later in the day we opened the Vina Encina with some Vegetarian Stew and thick whole grain bread.  The wine was nice and paired well with the richness of the stew (that was cooked for some 20+ hours).  One of the cool tricks of vegetarian cooking is time, you do not need meat, butter, or cream to create richness, you just need slow cooking and a long time.

Elviwines Vina Encina 2004 – Score: B to B+
The nose on this dark garnet colored wine has aromas of coffee, blackberry, blueberry, cranberry, plum, and cloves. The mouth of this somewhat complex and medium bodied wine starts with cherry, plum, and cranberry. The mid palate of this enjoyable and tannin rich wine, has oak, allspice, and a good amount of not yet integrated tannins. The finish is long with oak, coffee, nice tannin, and acidity.

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