Lasagna, Tomato Potato Soup, Four Gates Merlot, Chardonnay, and Umbria Rosso

This past week we threw a party for our friends whose daughter had just gotten married.  I made the meat lasagna that I have spoken of in previous postings.  My co-host made the tomato potato soup, and some wicked awesome braised mushrooms.  Some guests made a wonderful fresh salad with roasted nuts and assorted additions like palm harts and artichokes.  The founder and owner of Four Gates Winery came by and brought some real cool wines, while I brought an old bottle of 1997 Four Gates Merlot and a bottle of Monte Olivo Umbria Rosso.

The wines notes follow below:

Four Gates Merlot 2001 (Magnum) – Score: B
The nose on this bright garnet colored wine has aromas of oak, cranberry, blueberry, cloves, and cherry.  The mouth on this red to blue wine starts with cherry and flows into cranberry.  The mid palate is a classic Four Gates flavor profile of acid and oak.  The acidic core is the hallmark of all estate bottled Four Gates wines.  The finish is long with coffee, acid, oak, and vanilla.

Four Gates Merlot 1997 – Score: B+
The nose on this soft red to black colored wine is a rich and opulent aroma of chocolate, cherry, blackberry, and oak.  The mouth on this wine is full and mouth coating and is filled with chocolate, blackberry, and cherry.  The mid palate is oaky, with light acid, and integrating tannins.  The finish is a long and luscious walk down the oak boardwalk with a warm espresso and a shot of vanilla to boot.  This lovely wine has pushed past its peak and is time to drink up.

Four Gates Chardonnay 1999 – Score: B
The nose on this pale straw wine is packed with peach, guava, oak, and lemon.  The mouth on this medium bodied wine is fascinating in a way; it has notes of strawberry which is strange in a white wine, along with lemon, peach, and guava.  The mid palate is balanced and filled with sweet oak and has a nice acidic core.  The finish is long with acidity and sweet oak.

Monte Olivo Umbria Rosso 2005 – Score: B+
The nose on this garnet and orange haloed colored wine has aromas of chocolate, dirty earth, blackberry, and oak.  The mouth of this medium to full bodied wine is heavy with blackberry and cassis.  The mid palate is almost mouth puckering with not yet integrated tannins and acidity.  The finish is long and nourishing with acid, more tannin, cloves, tobacco, coffee, and a nice spicy closing.

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