Four Gates Pinot Noir N.V. and Roasted Chicken

It was a quiet and lovely weekend – which is always appreciated, once and a while, this time of year.  For dinner my wife whipped up a platter of breaded chicken that is really quite special.  She uses almond meal as the batter and a bunch of other secrets that I cannot disclose without the proper written consent of my wife :-). To match up with the roasted chicken, I took out a Pinot Noir and we really enjoyed it to its fullest.

The wine notes follow below:

Four Gates Pinot Noir N.V. – Score: A-
The nose on this bright ruby colored wine is packed with cherry, mint, raspberry, and sweet oak. The mouth on this medium bodied Pinot is luscious almost velvety. The cherry, cassis, and cranberry hit you right away. The layers of fruit come at you in waves after that. The mid palate almost rolls right off the waves with acidity and mint. The finish is long with vanilla and cherry.

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