Rosh Hashanah Dinner and Katlav Merlot 2005

First night Rosh Hashanah found us at a good friend’s house.  We were served some lovely simanim that were both sweet and had really nice texture.  We had some nice white table wine with the appetizers, followed by festive meal.  There was Parve lasagna (parve cheese – really nice), salmon, and gobs of awesome side dishes.  I brought over a Katlav Merlot 2005, while others brought over a Segal wine, whose name, unfortunately escapes my memory.

The Katlav Merlot was way more than the food could handle, but still a nice showing for the wine.  The food was out of this world, I just need to remember to bring white or lighter red wines to dinner out sometimes.

The wine notes follow below:
Katlav Merlot 2005 – Score: B+
The nose on this dark garnet to black colored wine is filled with black cherry, blackberry, mint, and wood. The mouth on this medium body to full body wine starts with blackberry and cherry. The mid palate is filled with heavy extraction, which is quite surprising for this wine, as many had it as a well rounded wine. The finish is a bit more extraction followed by vanilla and black cherry into a long and satisfying finish. I think this wine is far better than people have scored it.

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