This past week’s wine…

We had no guests this week, so we were light handed 🙂 . We tried this wine that I was very excited about – but did not live up to my hopes. I talk of Hamasrek’s King Blend.  Daniel Rogov gave the 2003/2004 N.V (Non-Vintage edition an 80), but then gave the 2004/2005 edition an 86.  So there seems to be two vintages.  What perturbs me about this wine is that there is no clear way to see what N.V. vintage we are talking about – the 2003/2004 or the 2004/2005 N.V.  Why you may ask?  Because they used the same labels!  I hear rumors that you can tell the difference between them via the cap (where the top of the new vintage has an impression on  it)  – but I would love to know what others have heard about this.
Hamasrek The King’s Blend N.V. – Score: B
The nose on this purple to black colored wine changed over time. It started off with a zinfandel nose – loads of cranberry and raspberry along with a nice amount of smoked wood. After a bit of time the nose turns into a cab nose. Blackberry, cassis, along with a hint of chocolate. The mouth on this medium – full bodied wine was very fruity initially. Over time it lost the fruit and most of its complexity also disappeared. Which left a lightly acidic core and wood, with a bit of dark fruit. The finish was gone as well. It is a shame. This wine does not compare to a similar attempt by Herzog (though that one is going down hill – I have yet to tase its 2005 brother) – one I love and spoken of often. Not enough “stuffing” for this puppy to be there. That said – it is drinkable and if I had more of it – I would drink it now and fast.

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