This past week…

We laid low this past week.  We had some great sushi (Ahi Tuna, Avocado, and cucumber).  To offset the rice and fish, we opened a Herzog Pinot.  To be honest, the previous week I had opened one and it was bad – DOA!  I had heard good things about it, and I was sad.  However, this one was fine, so that was nice.  That said, it still was not up to my expectations.  It is a fine bottle, but far more in the French style – and even a bit wimpier – to me.  Shame really, as the sushi was awesome 🙂 !!

2005 Herzog Pinot Noir Special Reserve – Score: B
This is a light wine with French styling – and not lovely ones (editorial comment there).  The nose on this pale red wine is nicely filled with cherry, strawberry, and light hints of green aromas.  The mouth on this light-medium bodied wine is fruity but flat.  The mouth starts with a nice attack of red fruit; cherry, strawberry, and raspberry.  The middle is very mineral – almost terrior like.  The finish is short and not impressive.  The wine starts off so well, and dies well before the finish line.  If it had more body and more finish – it would be a winner – oh well, this is a wine that is nice to receive as a gift, but not worth the buy, spend your money elsewhere.

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