Some nice wines….

Recently tasted these wines as part of a tasting and here are the notes:

Chateau Camplay Bordeaux Superieur 2003
: A-
The nose on this mature claret colored wine is filled with floral aromas, blackberry, eucalyptus, and sweet oak.  The first thing you notice about the mouth on this medium – full bodied wine is that it is complex yet approachable.  The wine has many layers and facets to amaze you and to delight you with every sip.  The mouth starts with a complex mixture of blackberry, oak, soft tannins, and cassis.  It follows with notes of sweet wood and more black fruits.  The finish is long and satisfying.

Goose Bay Pinot Noir 2006: A
The nose on the almost claret colored Pinot is chuck full of coffee, oak, cherry and raspberry.  The mouth on this medium bodied wine starts with a cherry attack, followed by a large serving of oak and raspberry.  It culminates in a piercing symphony of red fruit and nice spicy wood.  This is definitely a wine that stands up well to almost any dish.

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