Four Gates Winery Pinot Noir 2000 FFB – Score: A

This wine has a special designation of FFB.  The FFB stands for – François Fréres Bertranges, a specialized french oak barrel that Four Gates used on one part of the 2000 vintage.  Four Gates Winery specially bottled a few that were not blended and never sold them to the public.  However, the few that I have received have been absolutely fantastic.  I just opened one a few weeks ago and wanted to write about it.  The wine has come to life and is now showing a civilized brute than in the past. The nose is vibrant with blackberries and cherries. The body is full and the mouth feel is velvety. The finish is strong and the acid balances out the wine to make it a firm and complex wine. The tannins are easing up so it is probably at its peak. Drink now till 2009.

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