This past Friday Night’s wines….

This week we had some people over so the selection was larger.  In the order they were drank….

Chateau Yon-Figeac 1995 – Score: B-
The nose was nice and opened over time, but this was way over its life.  The color was still Bordeaux red, and the mouth was a bit tannic still, but the wine was oxidized and worse – it had an almost cooked flavor to it.  Shame really, as a few years earlier and it may have been fun.

Recanati Cabernet Franc Reserve 2004 – Score: A-
Not a fan favorite – which I believe has far more to do with the fact that we had people over who are particular about their Franc :-).  This is not a classical Franc.  Not much has changed from the previous note I made on this wine.  Open early and it will be enjoyed.  But just remember this is not a Cab Franc – this is a Cabernet is a Franc’s clothing.

Carmel Cabernet Franc Appellation 2002 – Score: A-
Again – not a fan Favorite.  If this was renamed Cabernet it would have been a smash hit.  Huge wine (like the Recanati).  Bold and spicy with a very long and generous finish.  The mouth on this medium – full bodied wine is chuck full of red fruits and a large dollop of tannins.  Open early and drink soon.

Herzog Syrah Special Reserve 2001 – Score: B+
This one was a bit more what people expected – but an interesting split down the middle some liked some did not.  Mainly I think because of the wines aggressive nature.  It has a beautiful purple color.  The nose is filled with dark fruit and a ton of black pepper.  The mouth first hits you with tannin, pencil shavings, and mineral flavors that are not so appealing.  They give way to nice fruit, a touch of tar, and a long and peppery finish.  Drink up.

Herzog Syrah Special Reserve 2002 – Score: A-
This one was a bit more what people expected – and liked by everyone at the table.  Again a deep purple color, and a nose of pepper, dark fruits, and tobacco.  The mouth is much smooth, balanced and really a nice fullness that gives this full bodied wine a good showing.  The mouth gives way to a fair amount of dark fruit, and then again to a long and peppery finish.  Showing well, but drink up.

Hagafen Syrah 2000 – Score: B+
Another winner of the evening.  This wine is still going strong.  Again the color was a nice purple.  The nose was not peppery like the Herzog wines.  This one was more red with a tinge of green.  The mouth on this medium – full bodied wine was smooth with a fair amount of red fruit and almost no tannins to perceive.  The oak is still present and almost sweet.  The fruits give way to a long and fruity finish.  Not my cup of Syrah – but others may disagree.

Yarden Syrah 2002 – A-
In my humble eyes – the winner of the night by FAR!  This wine is still brooding and will be a huge winner for years to come.  In retrospect – 2002 was a bad year for Israeli wines, but a good year for the bottles we opened this evening.  The wine’s color is a deep red to purple.  The nose is still teeming with red fruit, oak, and tobacco.  The mouth on this full bodied wine is still a bit tannic, though integrating nicely.  The mouth gives way to a nice amount of fruit, but the star is the chocolate and tobacco that come along for a nice and long finish.  This wine should hold out a bit more.

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